From 2006 to 2015 I worked for a Cape Town-based media company, Sabido Productions,  where I directed and produced a number of long form documentaries, telling stories about South Africa’s turbulent history. 

My filmography includes:
Troopship Tragedy (2015) –  This is the story of one man’s search for the bones of his ancestors, a hundred years after the sinking of the vessel, the SS Mendi, in the English Channel in an extraordinary wartime accident. More than 600 African volunteers lost their lives in a tragedy which still disturbs their communities today. 

The Vula Connection (2014) – this true-life spy thriller picked up two awards at South Africa’s Film and Television Awards in 2015, for editing and cinematography. It is about a quiet revolutionary who defied the apartheid government in a spectacular way – once by breaking out of prison, and in the second instance, breaking back into the country to fuel a People’s Revolution, using technology to undermine might. 

South Africa’s Last White President: Interviews with FW de Klerk (2012) – this two-part biopic charts the final choices made by former President FW de Klerk with exclusive interviews about the decision-making that led to South Africa’s democratic transition. 

Please see Filmography for a full catalogue of my documentaries.